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•Professor Ntobeko Ntusi, Chair and Head of the Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town, provides insights and guidelines from Infectious Disease Experts and Specialist Clinicians in the Department, as well as contributions from the global community that are deemed relevant to our circumstances.

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Professor Graeme Meintjies - From the Frontlines - Encounters with a novel disease, clinical insights and management of COVID-19

On Thursday 11th June 2020, Professor Graeme Meintjes gave a Webinar on what we have learnt as clinicians: insights, how it has manifest in the clinical context and what we have experienced in terms of hospital preparedness.


Professor Marc Mendelson: Recommendations for PPE

Professor Marc Mendelson has prepared an educational video for Health Care Professionals demonstrating safe donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE), that aligns with the guidance provided by the NICD:

Mask Safety: Recommendations for the Public

What constitutes an effective cloth mask? How should we put it on, and take it off? Professor Marc Mendelson, UCT, gives direction.

Personal Protection Equipment and Swabbing

Dr Tari Papavarnavas, Division of infectious diseases, Groote Schuur Hospital, UCT, provides a training video that shows trolley preparation, donning of personal protective equipment (PPE), swabbing, doffing of PPE in the event of seeing or testing a patient thought to be COVID-19 positive


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UCT ECHO COVID-19 Clinic Recordings

The Division of Hepatology in the Department of Medicine, UCT hosts “Viral hepatitis in sub-Saharan Africa” ECHO clinics aimed at delivering expertise on the management of viral hepatitis to under-resourced regions. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Project ECHO at The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque has expanded our licence to run weekly COVID-19 clinician-based virtual meetings on the ECHO ZOOM platform, featuring both international and national clinicians and researchers. These weekly meetings are chaired by Prof Meintjes, together with a panel of infectious disease specialists, respiratory physicians and critical care specialists.

The recordings are made available each week on this site within 3 days of the meeting having been held.


KTU (Knowledge Translation Unit)

The Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) is a group within the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute and Department of Medicine that has worked on primary care programmes to strengthen provision of evidence-informed care in low-resourced settings in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Brazil, for two decades.

For purposes of assisting communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, KTU is making the COVID-19 and related materials freely available for others to use, subject to certain conditions. By accessing, using, distributing and/or amending these materials, you thereby agree to be bound by these conditions which are prominently positioned on their website. Please read these conditions before using the resources beyond your own learning.



A public sector doctor at the frontline describes what it’s like getting a huge hospital ready for a potential pandemic storm surge.

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The importance of washing hands explained


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