IDM Seminar Invitation - USA funding opportunities

11 May 2017 - 13:00

University of Cape Town
The Institute of Infectious Disease & Molecular Medicine
invites you to attend a
Seminar on Wednesday, 24th May at 13h00-14h00
Wolfson Pavilion Lecture Theatre

Denise Clark
Associate Vice President, Administration
Division of Research
University of Maryland, USA
“USA funding opportunities”
Host: Dr David Choveaux [Faculty of Health Sciences]
"In her role as Associate Vice President for Administration in the Division of Research at the University of Maryland, USA, Denise Clark runs a vibrant enterprise that brought in $560 million in external research awards last year. She also launched UMD's Borderless Research Administration Knowledge Exchange (BRAKE) initiative to facilitate international research collaborations by, among others, reducing administrative obstacles for researchers and encouraging joint proposal and research exchange programs.
Denise will be joined by UMD’s Beth Brittan-Powell, who is responsible for managing and promoting Joint Research Collaborations, and Dennis Paffrath, the Assistant Vice President of Research Administration. In addition to 20 years of experience as a researcher in the Laboratory of Comparative Psychoacoustics, Beth has extensive experience with the grants development process through her work as the Grants Development Specialist for the UMD Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program. Dennis oversees the Office for Sponsored Programs Administration, which includes all pre-awards and non-financial post-awards.
Denise and her team will be presenting on USA funding opportunities for which we in SA are eligible, together with some tips on how to go about getting the funding. They are also willing to take questions and offer opinions from their perspective on how the new US administration could impact research funding in the health sector in the US and internationally."

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