Paper of the week

Paper of the week

Paper of the week

  • December 2016


    Our Paper of the Week is by Dr Bana and colleagues and provides a contemporary description of the clinical features and risk factors of tuberculous associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS). One of the key findings is the prolonged duration (>90 days) of tuberculous associated IRIS . This paper builds on the pioneering work of Prof. Meintjes, who has established himself as a global expert on the subject. A pleasure to read. View paper


    Dear Colleagues.

    As many of you know, our Antibiotic Stewardship Program has been a tremendous success and has been adopted by many other institutions around the country. This Paper of the Week is a timely reminder of the benefits of suck an approach at a systems level and also reviews the implementation of antibiotic stewardship in 5 countries: the USA, South Africa, Columbia, Australia and the UK. The main author of the paper is Prof. Mendelson, and the title of the paper is poignant: ‘united we succeed, divided we might fail’. A worthwhile read. View paper


    In our final Paper of the Week for 2016, Prof. Dirk Blom and colleagues review the biology and evidence for proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibition in the management of dyslipidaemia, in particular, for evolocumab, which his group has contributed significantly in expanding our understanding of concepts of hyperlipidaemia and alternative/novel approaches to management. With the very best of wishes. View paper

  • Jan 2017


    In our first Paper of the Week, Prof. Weimann and Dr Patel remind us of the impact of climate change on health and the important role that green leadership has on minimising the impact of healthcare on the environment. In the paper and accompanying editorial, published in this issue of the SAMJ, Prof. Weimann and Dr Patel outline the efforts made to reduce the carbon footprint of Groote Schuur Hospital, for which the institution has received an innovation award in 2016. A worthwhile read! View paper View paper from Editor


    It is with great pleasure to share with you our Paper of the Week recently published in Lancet Respiratory Diseases on the burden of tuberculosis in intensive care units in Cape Town and the effect of the diagnostics on tracheal aspirate samples on patient outcome. The paper is and authored by Dr Greg Calligaro and Profs. Ivan Joubert and Keertan Dheda. It is a true example of collaboration within the clinical disciplines to address some of our bigger challenges. In recognition of the importance of the work, it was recently awarded the Best Publication Award by the Faculty of Health Sciences at the end of 2016.

    I hope that you shall enjoy the read. View paper 

  • Feb 2017


    In this issue of the Department of Medicine Paper of the Week, we remember the life and contributions of Stephen Lawn, a much loved member of our Department who died in the second half of 2016. In his honour, the Stephen Lawn Memorial Fund for TB and AIDS Research Leadership has been set up to commemorate his life and work. The fund will support a lecture, to be given annually at the time of World TB Day (24 March) in London and Cape Town by a leading TB researcher, as well as a monetary prize for an upcoming researcher conducting promising work focused on reducing the disease burden of TB and HIV/AIDS in Africa. The fund will be jointly managed by the TB Centre in London, the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease in Paris, and the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre in Cape Town. This year’s Stephen Lawn Memorial Lecture will be given by Prof. Robin Wood who knew him as a good friend and with whom many of Steve’s papers at UCT were co-authored.

    In this week, the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre and Foundation were announced as the recipients of the 2017 Ubuntu Award for Passion and Social Responsiveness (awarded by the State President on Saturday). Colleagues, I hope that you shall join me in celebrating this latest accolade to Linda-Gail Bekker, Robin Wood and their phenomenal team at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation/Centre. Indeed, we all bask in their reflected glory. Through their work, the memory of Stephen Lawn lives on. View paper


    In our paper of the week, Dr Mutyaba and Prof. Ntsekhe review the disease mechanisms and clinical manifestations of tuberculosis in the heart, and area where our own Department has significantly advanced understanding and the state of knowledge. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. View paper

  • March 2017


    In this Paper of the Week, Prof. Dheda and his team report on the outcomes, infectiousness and transmission dynamics of patients with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis and home-discharged patients with programmatically incurable tuberculosis. In this study of 273 patients, more than half with programmatically incurable tuberculosis were discharged to the community where they remained for an average of 16 months, at risk of expectorating infectious aerosols and posed a threat of transmission of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. The authors call for action, including appropriate containment strategies and access to new drugs. A worthwhile read. View paper


    In the week’s Paper of the Week, a collaboration between the Division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine, led by Dr Tom Boyles and Prof. Marc Mendelson, the GSH Pharmacy, the GSH management and the Division of General Medicine reports on the 4 year outcomes of the antibiotic stewardship program at GSH and the sustained reduction in antibiotic use. The significant public health implications of an effective antibiotic stewardship program cannot be overstated. View paper