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Our Beliefs and Values

Our major concern is to serve our patients and the community by constantly increasing the understanding of health and disease, by disseminating knowledge aimed at improving health, by promoting health and by improving the management of disease.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, integrity and excellence.

All activities will be subject to peer review and to the protection of human rights.

Our students and staff must receive the best possible training and education.

Research of the highest quality is essential for the promotion community health, the care of our patients, the education of our students and the development of our staff.

The success of our organisation depends on all its members. We value them and their knowledge, skills, imagination, teamwork, dedication and honesty. All members of staff will be fairly treated, given equal opportunity, and just rewards. Their participation in planning and decision-making will be encouraged.

We will utilise all our resources of time, personnel, buildings and equipment with due care and consideration and management decisions will be consistent with our purpose, beliefs.