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Pulmonology unit staff


Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit - MBChB, Dip HIV(Man), MMED, FCP(SA), Cert Pulm(SA), PhD, ATSF, FRCP(UK)

Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit is a full time consultant in the E16 Respiratory Clinic and a Principal Investigator at the University of Cape Town Lung Institute. He leads the smoking cessation services at E16, the Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) clinic and the adolescent respiratory health service. 

He qualified as a pulmonologist, in 2007 and completed his PhD investigating the effects of tobacco smoke on human pulmonary immune responses to mycobacterial infection in 2011. After a post-doc placement in New York at the end of 2011, he returned to UCT to take up a position at the Lung Institute. In 2018 he formally joined the Division as a full time consultant. He has published in the field of TB diagnostics, asthma, COPD, critical care, smoking cessation and air pollution.  His current research interests include COPD and asthma and, the interactions of tobacco smoke, vaping and air pollution on immunity, tuberculosis and the development of COPD.

Email Richard.vanzyl-smit@uct.ac.za



Associate Professor Greg Calligaro - MBChB, FCP (SA), Cert. Pulm (SA)

Greg Calligaro is a full time consultant in the E16 Respiratory Clinic and is the head of the lung transplantation service at Groote Schuur. He leads the cystic fibrosis service, supervises the exercise physiology testing with Dr Raine and runs the pulmonary hypertension clinic with Dr Symons.

He completed undergraduate degrees in Medicine and Physiology at the University of the Witwatersrand, and qualified as a specialist physician at the University of Cape Town in 2009. He completed sub-specialist training as a pulmonologist in 2012. He is working towards a PhD examining aspects of lung health in patients with HIV infection on antiretroviral treatment, as part of an NIH-funded study conducted at the UCT Lung Institute. His research interests include the infectious and non-infectious pulmonary complications of HIV.

Email greg.calligaro@uct.ac.za





Dr Richard Raine - MBChB, MMed(Med), FCP(SA)

Dr Raine is a Sessional consultant in the Division of Pulmonology having retired in 2019. He supports the clinical outpatient service and the lung function and exercise testing services in the E16 Respiratory clinic.

Email richard.raine@uct.ac.za







DR Greg Symons - MBChB, FCP (SA), Cert. Pulm (SA)

Dr Greg Symons - pulmonology staff

Dr Symons is a full time medical consultant on the General medical service at Groote Schuur hospital and leads the sleep and pulmonary hypertension services in the E16 Respiratory Clinic.

Greg completed his undergraduate training at the University of Cape Town. After a short stint doing surgery, Greg returned to his alma mater to complete his physician training as well as a 2-year fellowship at GSH and UCT in respiratory and critical care medicine. Greg’s other interests include infectious diseases and the lung, sleep medicine and lung cancer.

Email greg.symons@uct.ac.za





Honorary Professor Rod Dawson - MBChB (Stell), FCP (SA), Cert. Pulm (SA)

Professor Rod Dawson is a Consultant Pulmonologist and is the Managing Director of the University of Cape Town Lung Institute (UCTLI). He is the Clinical Research Unit Head of the Centre for Tuberculosis Research Innovation (CTBRI) at the UCTLI. Prof Dawson is an Honorary Senior Consultant in the Division of Pulmonology, in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town.  He has been Managing Director of the UCTLI since 2016. Prof Dawson currently holds, or has held, a number of multinational grants.  

The UCTLI currently has over 200 members of staff and the mandate of the UCTLI is to address priority health issues through education, research and service.  The UCTLI oversees and conducts various projects in the fields of Allergology, Allergo-Immunology, Pulmonology, (COPD/ILD and Asthma) Tuberculosis diagnostics and Tuberculosis drug development, Paediatric Tuberculosis and Primary Health Care.  The UCTLI is the driving force behind PACK (Practical Approach to Care); an evidence -based primary Health Care Guideline which has become the benchmark for managing nurse- driven primary healthcare.  With a management and training team of 30 staff, PACK is currently the go-to Primary Health Programme intervention in South Africa and through collaboration with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and Best Practice; PACK is currently piloting in Nigeria, Brazil and Ethiopia with development enquiries pending from a further 42 countries.



Assoc Prof Gillian Anslie - MBChB (Capetown),FRCP (Lon)

Assoc Prof Gillian Ainslie retired in 2018 and provides sessional support in teaching and training to the specialist registrars and academic support to the Respiratory clinic.

She graduated from UCT, completed her clinical training in Cape Town, London and Manchester and was a Research Fellow both at UCT and at the Royal Free Hospital in London.  She is a Past-President of the South African Thoracic Society and the National Asthma Education Programme. She initiated the SA Diploma of Asthma Care for primary health workers in 2002.

Email: gillian.anslie@uct.ac.za





Emeritus Professor Eric bateman - MBChB, MD, DCH (UK), FRCP

Eric Bateman is a clinician scientist and pulmonologist, and was Head of the Division of Pulmonology at the UCT and Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town from 1989 until his retirement in 2012. He founded the University of Cape Town Lung Institute in 1999 and served as its executive director until 2016.

Professor Bateman’s primary research interests include pharmacology and the management of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as community-based interventions to improve the care of patients with chronic diseases and has made substantial contributions to global recommendations for asthma management.

Professor Bateman has an A rating from the National Research Foundation of South Africa. He is a Life Fellow of the UCT, and founding Fellow of the European Respiratory Society, a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa and the Board and Science Committee of the Global Initiative for Asthma.

Email eric.bateman@uct.ac.za



Associate Professor Paul Willcox - MBChB, FCP (SA), Cert. Pulm (SA)

Associate Professor Willcox grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and graduated from the University of Rhodesia. He went on to train in General Internal Medicine and Pulmonology in the UK and at Groote Schuur Hospital. He has been a consultant in the Respiratory Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital for over 30 years. He has a wide experience of General Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. His major interests include pulmonary infections particularly tuberculosis. He established the first MDR-TB referral clinic at Brooklyn Chest Hospital in 1982. He is a member of the Western Cape Department of Health Drug Resistant TB Review Board as well as a member of the National Drug Resistant TB Advisory Board. His other interests include cystic fibrosis and he has run the CF clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital since 1989. He is also a member of the Combined Lung Cancer Clinic. 

Email paul.willcox@uct.ac.za